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St Birinus Primary School

St Birinus Primary School
Dorchester St. Birinus Church of England School is a small village school where we seek to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment with opportunities for all children to develop their potential as joyful, confident, proud, healthy and independent individuals with key skills for life.

As you can appreciate, there is only so much information that can be gained from our website, however there is no substitute for visiting the school. If you would like to see St Birinus Primary School in action, I would be delighted to show you around. Please contact the school office on 01865 340081 to arrange a visit.

Russell Leigh



  • African Drumming Workshop

    As part of their Africa topic, Squirrel Class enjoyed an African Drumming Workshop provided by World Beats Music.

    Check out the photos below ..

  • DNA Workshop

    As part of their Science Owl Class visited Abingdon Boys School this week to take part in a DNA Workshop.This is what some of the children had to say:

    ” I enjoyed crushing the strawberries to extract DNA”  -Abbie 

    ” I found it interesting seeing my own cells” – Amelie

    ” I liked adding the chemicals” – Alex

    ” I liked putting on the lab coats” – Tabitha

    “It was cool to see the chemical reactions” – Megan

    “It was fascinating to see the DNA of the strawberry” – Amber

    “It was fun to find DNA” – Katie

  • May Dancing

    The children did some fantastic dancing on Friday-take a look in the gallery for some images from the afternoon.

  • Welcome back and well done!

    I hope you had a great Easter break and enjoyed eating your Easter eggs.  We start an important term for our Year 6 children as they approach their SATs week in May.

    Just before the holidays, we had some exciting news that Toby Atkinson-Seed has made it through the first round of the Radio 2 500 words competition – which is fantastic news – well done Toby – we have our fingers crossed for round 2!

    Congratulations also to Mylo Budd –  our first Kung Fu Reading Master who received his black certificate today !    


  • Easter Competition Winners

    Hedgehog Class
    1st Prize : Maya Popa
    2nd Prize : Charlotte Bristow
    3rd Prize : Alfie Ferry

    Squirrel Class
    1st Prize : Rebecca Green
    2nd Prize : Nola Kelly
    3rd Prize : Mylo Budd

    Fox Class
    1st Prize : Phoebe De-Maine
    2nd Prize : Theo Beaman
    3rd Prize : Carys Sadler

    Owl Class
    1st Prize : Amelie White
    2nd Prize : Megan Sadler
    3rd Prize : Amber Townsend

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