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St Birinus Primary School
Dorchester St. Birinus Church of England School is a small village school where we seek to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment with opportunities for all children to develop their potential as joyful, confident, proud, healthy and independent individuals with key skills for life.

As you can appreciate, there is only so much information that can be gained from our website, however there is no substitute for visiting the school. If you would like to see St Birinus Primary School in action, I would be delighted to show you around. Please contact the school office on 01865 340081 to arrange a visit.

Russell Leigh



  • Dorchester Dig

    KS2 children had a very interesting visit to the archaeological dig in the village this week…











  • This week’s news

    The Year 5’s headed to Oxford Academy on Monday for a Numeracy Day, which involved making shortbread. A great start to the week.

    The excitement continued on Wednesday as the school was overrun by a marauding band of pirates as Squirrel Class had a very enjoyable Pirate day organised by Mrs Grenfell.

  • Moon Buggy Champions!

    The Year 6 children  headed off to St Birinus, Didcot on Tuesday for the annual Moon Buggy Challenge, where once again we won the best Moon buggy design – we do have to keep raising our game each year.  Well done to the Year 6 for the time they put in to their designs and the dedication to make the finished product.

  • Cadbury World

    It certainly was an exciting start to the week as the school headed off to Cadbury World, a great visit to supplement our Big Write theme of Chocolate.  Everyone had a wonderful time and I was very proud to hear that they were good ambassadors for the school.   Thank you to the staff for organizing the trip and to all the other helpers who gave up their day to join our adventures.Take a look in the gallery to see some photos of the day.

  • What a busy week!

    Squirrel and Fox classes started the week with  taster sessions for All Star Cricket.  Each class was able to work with the coach to develop their cricket skills and it was great to see the children having a fantastic time.
    Julia Donaldson, the celebrated author, was a special guest in the KS1 concert at the Oxfordshire Music Centre on Wednesday, which was also attended by Squirrel Class.  The children had been learning the songs and making their mouse masks.  We were able to hear a performed version of the Gruffalo with Julia playing the mouse. 

    Yesterday, Owl class had the experience of entering the Sun Dome, which took up residence in the hall, the children were able to look up to the stars and focus on the sun exploring the science around projects that are looking to the sun. Remember to ask someone from Owl Class for an explanation. 


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