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Thank you for visiting our website. Here at Dorchester St. Birinus Church of England School we seek to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment with opportunities for all children to develop their potential as joyful, confident, proud, healthy and independent individuals with key skills for life.

In the current situation it is not possible for school visits to take place so please have a browse of our website and watch the video below. If you have any questions give us a call. 

Jo Staples


  • Our last full week

    Children in Hedgehogs and Squirrels class enjoyed some competitive sports day activities on Tuesday with the PE coach. It was lovely to see them supporting each other, cheering each other on and being proud of their winner’s stickers.
    The children (and adults) in Key Stage 2 have worked hard to put their show together. You will receive a link to allow you to watch the show in due course. Of course, we would have loved to have had an audience but the children have still experienced the joy of learning lines, rehearsing, getting costumes on and feeling those first night nerves.
    We had an enjoyable send off for the children in Year 6 too this week. We were very grateful for parent donations of drinks and sweets. We would also like to say a big thank you to the White Hart for providing delicious pizzas for the children to enjoy,…

  • This week’s achievements

    As we reach the end of another exciting week I feel privileged to share with you some of the amazing things that have been going on around our school.
    Hedgehogs have been looking closely at the butterflies that have been emerging from their cocoons. They have also had fun in the water investigating floating and sinking.
    Squirrel class have been so creative this week. They have made some beautiful dolls, having written instructions for how to do it first. They were also showing great skills with clay yesterday; making amazing pots.
    Fox class continue to investigate shapes and angles and even made 3D shapes using jelly sweets and cocktail sticks.
    Owl Class continue to impress with their ability to learn their lines for their show. I enjoyed a really super lesson with them earlier in the week where we discussed the creation of the world and why we should look…

  • Another busy week

    We have made it to July! This term is flying by but children continue to work so hard at school.
    Hedgehog’s vegetables are growing really well – they’re doing a great job of looking after them and trying to protect the strawberries from creatures who like to eat them. They have also been having lots of fun with rhyming words this week. 
    Squirrels enjoyed their trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. They were a credit to the school, displaying good manners and wonderful behaviour as they saw a variety of animals from all over the world.
    Fox Class and Owl Class are busy rehearsing for their show but have still found time to learn about angles and symmetry in shapes. Fox class are just starting an exciting new poetry unit and Owl class have learned all about Stonehenge.
    Everyone enjoyed the cricket session with a visiting cricket coach on Wednesday. It…

  • This week’s news

    We are really impressed with the work being produced by children in school at the moment and the way in which they are all showing how mature they are becoming. Well done everyone!
    I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Hedgehogs where they shared what they know about healthy eating and impressed me by joining in superbly with a memory game.
    Squirrel Class have been busy preparing for their trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park today where they are looking forward to learning more about the endangered animals they have been learning about in class. They are hoping to see a rhino that Mrs Grenfell has adopted on their behalf. Thank you Mrs Grenfell!
    Fox Class are really settled at the moment and have been learning about angles. I also must commend them on the way that the whole class have improved on their listening skills and following instructions. Well done Foxes!…

  • A week full of inspiration

    What a busy week we have had here in school. Hedgehogs were busy creating some fabulous obstacle courses in their outside area. They’ve all developed green fingers as they enjoy watching the beans they’ve planted get taller by the day. Squirrel class have such fabulous ideas about what makes Dorchester such a great place and they had a wonderful forest school session learning about the different habitats. Children in Key Stage 2 have been busy auditioning for their show and have been working really hard on their assessments. Well done everyone.

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