Dorchester St Birinus Primary School is a small school in the picturesque village of Dorchester on Thames, nine miles south of Oxford. The village sits at the confluence of the rivers Thames and Thame and it is the River Thame which runs through the village.

Dorchester on ThamesWe aim to establish a happy and caring environment where children feel safe and secure. We regard each child as an individual and treat them as such. We promote an ethos based on mutual respect and Christian values. We work hard to maintain and develop a sense of the school as a community where everyone is valued. We aim to create an environment of trust and openness in which children, parents, staff and governors work effectively together. We set and maintain high standards of behaviour and discipline and encourage children to be responsible for their own actions and their environment. We promote a positive attitude towards learning and encourage children to develop good working habits.

Through the curriculum and other activities, we help children to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities so enabling them to reach their full potential in their academic, spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

Our aim is to establish these principles firmly so that they underpin children’s attitudes as they move from here to their secondary schools and on into the wider community outside school.

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