What a busy week we have had here in school. Hedgehogs were busy creating some fabulous obstacle courses in their outside area. They’ve all developed green fingers as they enjoy watching the beans they’ve planted get taller by the day. Squirrel class have such fabulous ideas about what makes Dorchester such a great place and they had a wonderful forest school session learning about the different habitats. Children in Key Stage 2 have been busy auditioning for their show and have been working really hard on their assessments. Well done everyone.

As the first week of the last half term draws to an end we can congratulate our children for all the hard work they are doing.

Hedgehogs have been learning about The Hungry Caterpillar and the lifecycle of butterflies as well as watering all the vegetables that they have planted in the garden.

Squirrels have been investigating a story from Ghana, learning about question marks and exclamation marks. They have also had a look at some fractions in maths and they learned about World Ocean Day as part of their science work on habitats. Squirrel class are looking forward to a forest school visit on Monday to discover some more habitats.

Fox Class have been very busy working on telling the time, looking especially at the 24 hour clock.  They are also continuing with their Tudor topic and are beginning to look at the life and importance of Henry VIII.

Owl class are starting a new learning journey focused on features of a play. They are learning about hillforts and changes made from the early stone ages. In maths they have been looking at triangles, quadrilaterals and regular and irregular shapes.

As it begins to feel like summer is really here, we have reached the halfway point in our summer term and everyone is ready for a break after all the hard work that is going on around school.

Hedgehog class became builders this week. They drew designs and built animal houses. They really are making such good progress and I am impressed with their learning whenever I spend time with them.

Squirrel class have been learning about the Masai tribe. They wrote some amazing comparative writing contrasting their lives with the life of a Masai child.

Fox class have been learning about telling the time this week and have started to understand the 24 hour clock. They also enjoyed a fantastic yoga session in PE out on the grass this week.

Owl class have started to write their quest stories and considered how they could hook their reader into the story.

Our success stories in school continue to grow as our children are getting stuck into a variety of activities and work.

Thanks to the hard work of a couple of parents clearing some of the flower beds, Hedgehog class have been planting seeds and beans and we cannot wait for the autumn to see if the pumpkins have grown!

Squirrels class have been learning about the features of a non-fiction book and have been writing their own factual sentences.

Fox class have been investigating electrical safety and have been enjoying some new books about diversity. They have had some interesting and thought provoking discussions.

Owl class have been cave painting and considering our school values where they came up with some impressive ideas.

This term continues to fly by with children across school really settling in to learning now that normality is slowly returning.

Hedgehogs have been doing some amazing work and progress in reading is really starting to show now. Squirrels are some of the most enthusiastic children in the school. Their love for learning is evident as they are tackling increasingly tricky number concepts and investigating Africa.

Fox class are still enjoying exploring Macbeth and I have been amazed by their ability to explain the story and the characters to me. They are also learning all about electricity.  

Owl class have been investigating the features of a quest story and have been discussing how Stone Age man survived.

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