Another week has flown by. Hedgehogs have been really busy this week making a café in their outdoor area and getting very wet in forest school!

Squirrels have done some amazing story writing and have been using brand new Bee-bots to learn some basic computer coding skills.

Fox class continue to amaze with their creativity and have produced some wonderful work for our whole school ‘doorways’ display.

Owl class have continued learning about poetry and have been busy converting decimals, fractions and percentages.

The children have been really settled this week and are coping amazingly with being back at school and back in routine.

We have been very impressed with the work they are producing and the progress they are making. 

Well done everyone!

It has been wonderful to welcome children back to school this week. They have demonstrated remarkable resilience and their enthusiasm to be back with their friends has been a joy to watch. Thank you for your continuing cooperation with following all the guidelines and helping to keep the whole community safe. Well done to everyone for such a positive start to what is left of our Spring term.

Hedgehog class have been enjoying their return to school and have been reading the book ‘Whatever Next?’ They have also started some ‘big writing’ in their new books which is brilliant to see.

Squirrel class have been working so hard this week. They have searched for signs of spring and have been doing some beautiful writing about a significant person in their lives (which may or may not have something to do with Mother’s Day!).

Fox class retain their wonderful sense of humour and are learning about food chains. They’ve also done some interesting work with measuring around school through this week.

Owl class have settled so well and are really demonstrating that they are the oldest pupils in school. They are reading a fabulous novel called Boy in The Tower and the ideas they’ve shared about what might be going on are amazing. They’ve also been getting to grips with fractions – no mean feat in the first week back after such a long time away from school.

Week 2 of remote learning has brought its own challenges to everyone I am sure. We would like to say thank you to you all for your ongoing support. It is wonderful to see all the work being put onto pupil portfolios and seeing new skills being developed by children at home such as cooking and sewing. Teachers are learning new technology skills too so please bear with us as we all get used to this new way of working.

Please just do your best. The main thing we ask is that you keep in touch with us and let us know how you are getting on with anything that you are doing—not just your home learning. It is important that we stay connected as a community and we love hearing from the children.


I hope you all managed to have a peaceful and happy Christmas. Another lockdown and partial school closure was not what we had planned for the beginning of 2021 but the school community have pulled together and we are proud of what we have achieved as a school over the past week.

We were prepared for, and committed to, a full opening on Tuesday, albeit cautiously, knowing what the current situation was. With less that 24 hours notice we managed to re-open school with a small group of key worker children and provided remote learning to everyone else.

Teachers need to be commended for ensuring that your children are being well provided for with their remote learning and for caring for and teaching the children who are coming into school. The Dojo is buzzing with amazing work and I know that teachers are enjoying seeing the work and getting messages. Your positive feedback has been especially heartening to read so we want to thank you for supporting us and your children so brilliantly.

Hedgehogs have displayed some amazing pictures and writing on their Dojo page. They’ve started to  explore some animal stories too. Squirrels have been learning about Pinocchio this week and have been learning about money.

Fox class have chosen a famous person to write about and there has been some fabulous maths problem solving. Owl class have been writing formal letters—I’m wondering if anyone wrote one to Gavin Williamson about cancelling Y6 SATs this year?!


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