We are very happy to be continuing to run Forest School this year using an area of Hurst Water Meadow which is the ideal location for us to go out and explore, have fun and learn.

Forest School is an inspirational concept providing learning opportunities through practical activities in an outdoor environment. Children enjoy the freedom to explore and experience the natural world in all seasons and in all weathers. Forest School embraces an approach of nurturing, supporting and developing the self-esteem of participants. It is an ideal environment in which to develop innovation, problem solving, risk taking, creativity and teamwork.

Forest School sessions will be led by  Mrs Harding who is a  trained Forest School Leader and is also a trained First Aider.

Mrs Harding will be supported on Forest School Sessions by Parent Volunteers. Staffing ratios will be adhered to and any pupils who require 1:1 support will have this during Forest School. Forest School Sessions are inclusive and planned to allow all pupils to participate fully.

The safety and welfare of the pupils participating in Forest School is paramount and therefore all tasks are age-appropriate and risk assessments have been carried out for all activities prior to taking place. However as Forest School takes place in a wild environment there will always be an element of danger. Part of Forest School is helping the children to assess and manage their own risks.

Forest School will take place regardless of the weather- the exceptions being high winds and thunder storms. The school will provide waterproof trousers and jackets for all children but they can use their own if you prefer.


To allow the pupils to participate fully the correct clothing is essential for Forest School.

All participants need to bring:

  • Wellingtons
  • Long trousers and a long-sleeved top
  • Jumper/Sweatshirt
  • Extra jumpers and tights or leggings in cold weather
  • Hat, gloves and thick socks- essential in Autumn/Winter months
  • Sun hat and sun cream in Summer

These need to be old clothes as we do not intend to stay clean!

Forest School sessions for Year One will be on Tuesday afternoons. On that day children should come to school wearing their School uniform with a bag of clothes to change into for Forest School.  This should be left on their pegs in the cloakrooms.

Please ensure that the medical information the school has about your child is up to date and amended should anything new come to light.

If you have any questions about Forest School, please speak to Mrs Harding.


May 2020
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3 May 2020 4 May 2020 5 May 2020 6 May 2020 7 May 2020 8 May 2020

May Bank Holiday-school closed

May Bank Holiday-school closed
9 May 2020
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Last Day of Term 5 -school closes at 3.15pm

Last Day of Term 5 -school closes at 3.15pm
23 May 2020
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First Day of Term 6

First Day of Term 6
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Upcoming Events
  • 1 June 2020 – First Day of Term 6
  • 8 June 2020 – Owl Class Bikeability Week
  • 10 June 2020 – Resources Committee Meeting
    6:00 pm
  • 10 June 2020 – P & C Committee Meeting
    7:00 pm
  • 26 June 2020 – Sports Afternoon
    2:00 pm
  • 7 July 2020 – KS2 Play
    2:00 pm
  • 7 July 2020 – KS2 Play
    6:00 pm
  • 8 July 2020 – Full Governors Meeting
    7:00 pm
  • 17 July 2020 – Last Day of Term 6-school closes at 2pm
  • 17 July 2020 – Leavers Service
    9:30 am
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