What a busy week we have had. Christmas dinners, Christmas parties, a visit from Santa Claus and a determination among our school community to finish strong. Well done everyone.


Another busy week here in school with lots of Christmas preparations going on! The Reception and Key Stage 1 children amazed us with their Nativity on Tuesday. They performed in front of the camera and we broadcast the show live over Teams to the Key Stage 2 classrooms and parents. Everyone was impressed by the acting, singing and dancing. Well done!

Fox class have been busy making mosaics this week—they are really proud of their work. Owls have been working on Christmas number problems and are producing some beautiful Christmas cards.

In assemblies we have been talking about how to make our school inclusive. Children have tried really hard to understand what this means and it has been wonderful to see some children joining in with    activities that they may have previously avoided. Someone in Fox class was able to explain to me exactly how the game they were playing was being adapted so that it was fair to everyone. They demonstrated real maturity and it was heart warming to see.


We are moving swiftly towards Christmas here at Dorchester St Birinus Primary School and rehearsals for the show next week are in full swing. We’re all looking forward to watching Squirrels and Hedgehogs in their Nativity next Tuesday.

Fox class enjoyed a Roman feast this week as a culmination of their Roman topic. They had food, weapons and even a Roman hair salon!

Owl class have been mummifying apples and getting stuck in to calculation of area using multiplication. The long awaited Egyptian exhibition is on this afternoon.

We have been considering honesty in our assemblies this week. We talked about being honest with ourselves and feeling pride in our achievements and knowing when to challenge ourselves. Reverend Sue told the story of the boy who cried wolf and linked it to the advent shepherds around the village. Look out for our advent scene at the front of the school.


Another busy week has gone by and the children at Dorchester St Birinus continue to amaze us with their fabulous positive attitude. We have been thinking about ‘trust’ in our assemblies this week and I was so proud when the children were able to demonstrate how much they trust one another in an assembly yesterday where we had an interesting discussion with Reverend Sue about who we trust and why.

Hedgehogs are whizzing along with their phonics. I was impressed to hear some amazing readers in there at the beginning of the week. Squirrel class enjoyed a castle ball on Wednesday with entertainment, food and even a coronation!

Fox class have been marching like Romans and have even learned some Latin this week! Owl class have been using multiplication to work out areas of shapes and their Egyptian exhibition work is continuing well.


It has been so lovely to welcome all our children back into school this week. I would like to commend all of our Squirrels and Hedgehogs for their bravery and resilience. They have come back into school as enthusiastic and hard working as ever. Well done!

This week is anti-bullying week. We have had assemblies around the theme of belonging and Jake, Kodie and Bella from Owl class led an amazing assembly for us where they shared their experiences and gave some advice.

Fox class were learning how to draw portraits yesterday and their progress across one lesson was incredible. They have also been writing letters to Joe Biden. We hope he is not too busy to write back.

Year six enjoyed their first ever forest school session this week. They used tools to sharpen sticks and even tried a bit of fishing— nothing was biting though! The Owl class Egyptian exhibition is shaping up nicely and the exhibits are starting to take shape.

Squirrels have been learning about knights and armour and I’ve been really impressed with their writing skills.

Hedgehogs have been learning about Diwali. They created some amazing clay lamps which I can’t wait to see painted and lit up.

Our school has been a fantastic place to be this week. With the tricky times that people are going through at the moment, it is heartening to work with such a fabulous group of children who are kind, supportive and trying hard to achieve their best.

Please continue to look after each other and do let us know if we can support you in any way.


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