Another good nights sleep by all – it’s definitely getting harder to get some people up in the morning!!  Another cooked breakfast and we were ready for the day!

By 10am this morning we were back on the beach playing in the sea, building sandcastles and practicing our circus skills!  The weather was so spectacular it felt like a summer holiday! Finally about 12 o’clock we headed back up to the site to add more wet sandy clothes to our washing pile, changing them for dry ones (they’ll soon be dirty too!) and headed off to problem solving games!

After lunch the activity they are very excited about  going to do Side-by-Side – this is where they get to drive Motorsport buggies around a course.  This will be followed off by a game of volleyball before dinner and a mini-Olympics this evening.

It has been fantastic to see everyone trying new activities and overcoming their fears.  Also the care and respect they have shown for each other has been superb always supporting their peers and adults throughout the week!

They should sleep well again tonight I’m sure!

So many stories to share on their return. 

Day 3

Day 2 obviously did create some tired children, this morning it was the alarm that woke us up.   After another great breakfast, we headed for a fantastic morning at the beach especially with the wonderful weather.  Everyone had a super time body boarding after finally squeezing ourselves into our wetsuits – it certainly was not easy! 

The afternoon included archery and abseiling for the different groups – it is often trying to keep track with what each group has completed.   After the evening meal, there was a long walk to follow – let’s hope we all keep going.  

I am sure with all this activity, there will be no issues with sleeping tonight

Until tomorrow…

Day 1

We had a brilliant first day – the ferry crossing was blue sky and sunshine and we all enjoyed standing out on the deck watching the other boats.  Once at Kingswood we found our rooms and after quite a bit of struggling but in the end lots of teamwork everyone managed to make their beds – putting sheets onto the mattresses and duvets in covers was definitely our first challenge!!

Splitting into two groups we then took part in our first two activities – Buggy Build and Aeroball.  Those doing Buggy build created huge Flintstone like vehicles out of pioneering poles, planks and barrels – we are now all good at tying clove hitches and double figure of eight knots!  Each group took turns to transport two team members at a time around the field and finally we raced our buggies.  The Aeroball is a game of basket ball which takes place on trampolines – great fun but very hard work!

Next we had dinner after which we had an evening campfire – learnt some new songs some and toasted marshmallows.  Finally we crashed in bed.

Day 2

Day 2 started FAIRLY early!  Our first journey of the morning was to the dinner hall where everyone ate a huge cooked breakfast, along with toast and cereal!!! This was followed by room inspections and then starting our activities for the day.

Group 1 took part in bush craft skills and Buggy Build this morning; in bush craft they learnt to build shelters, light fires with flint and steels and make soap from conkers!!  Group 2 completed the night-line – an obstacle course they navigate as a team with everyone blindfolded, it required great teamwork!  After this they enjoyed a game of Aeroball and then tried out abseiling – all this before lunch!

Lunch saw everyone polish off another cooked meal – they are certainly eating well!  After a bit of free time in the sun the afternoon activities started.  Group 1 are tackling the night-line this afternoon along with the 3G swing and lots of team games whilst Group 2 are learning bush craft and braving the 3G swing.

I have no doubt with all the sea air and wonderful weather, they will be ready for yet another cooked meal for tea this evening followed by our very own scrapheap challenge.  After which hopefully they should sleep much better and longer this evening!!

(For children starting school in September 2019)

We would like to invite you to visit our friendly, welcoming and hardworking school on

Friday 12th October 2018

Please arrive by 9.30am for coffee and a talk by our Headteacher, Mr Leigh, followed by a tour of the school with an opportunity to spend some time with your child in the Foundation classroom

If you can come along please let us know, thank you. or 01865 340081

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Dorchester St Birinus CE Primary School

KS2 children had a very interesting visit to the archaeological dig in the village this week…











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