It has been wonderful to welcome children back to school this week. They have demonstrated remarkable resilience and their enthusiasm to be back with their friends has been a joy to watch. Thank you for your continuing cooperation with following all the guidelines and helping to keep the whole community safe. Well done to everyone for such a positive start to what is left of our Spring term.

Hedgehog class have been enjoying their return to school and have been reading the book ‘Whatever Next?’ They have also started some ‘big writing’ in their new books which is brilliant to see.

Squirrel class have been working so hard this week. They have searched for signs of spring and have been doing some beautiful writing about a significant person in their lives (which may or may not have something to do with Mother’s Day!).

Fox class retain their wonderful sense of humour and are learning about food chains. They’ve also done some interesting work with measuring around school through this week.

Owl class have settled so well and are really demonstrating that they are the oldest pupils in school. They are reading a fabulous novel called Boy in The Tower and the ideas they’ve shared about what might be going on are amazing. They’ve also been getting to grips with fractions – no mean feat in the first week back after such a long time away from school.

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